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Andrej Fraißl

Your contact for the field of IT Software Development.

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Professional Software Developer: Software Development for Machines and Systems by Experienced IT Software Engineers

We design, implement and support customer-specific IT solutions of all kinds. It is our mission that the IT solutions we provide are well adapted to your needs and are guaranteed to accelerate your business processes, make them more flexible and help you to reduce costs. We ensure that the solutions have exactly the range of functions that you need (lean software development).

We Adapt the IT Software to Your Company!

Professional IT solutions and software are capital goods. The longer they can be used to their full extent, the more profitable they are. In order to achieve the maximum useful life of your IT solutions, we use the future-proof Microsoft.NET technology from the market leader wherever possible.

Our IT software development processes are constantly being improved in order to offer you the best quality. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can fall back on tried and tested components, which we use as the basis for your solution.

In the course of the development process, we work very closely with you as a customer in order to achieve maximum effectiveness of the IT software solutions. We pay particular attention to making the user interfaces as simple and clear as possible. Because only a satisfied operator will achieve the maximum benefit.

IT and Software Engineering from ISW Are Perfect For You

  • Customized standard solutions as well as special IT software solutions
  • Acceleration of your processes through optimal coordination
  • Modern and modular structures enable optimal scaling
  • Increase in flexibility
  • Cost-cutting
  • Tested software quality
  • Distributed software systems (client, server)
  • Software development for mobile devices (PDA)
  • Use of barcode technology and transponder technology (RFID)
  • Standardized interfaces to the automation level (OPC)
  • Interfaces to third-party systems

Application Development IT Special Systems

Custom IT Solutions and Software Engineering

  • Client / server solutions
  • MS.NET programming
  • Software development for mobile devices
  • Applications for barcode, dot matrix and RFID
  • Logistics systems
  • Special connections to existing machines and systems
  • Connections to higher-level systems (SAP ©, ISWlogistics ©, etc.)

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Let our IT software engineers with extensive experience in IT software development design your custom-made IT solution!