RFID Systems in Warehousing Logistics: High-quality RFID Applications, Connections and Integrations

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Individual RFID Applications and RFID Solutions to Optimize Your Warehouse Logistics

Machine readability of the name or designation is of central importance for automation technology. The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology makes it possible to identify things without contact.

With RFID, relevant data can be linked directly to an individual object in order to control and also to optimize processes. This technology can be used in a wide variety of areas of logistics for the identification, assignment, location, transmission and processing of process data. For example, RFID transponders, RFID readers, chips and much more are used.

In addition to identification, there is also the possibility of data storage directly on the object. Modern RFID transponders already offer sufficient storage capacity to enable decentralized data storage.

RFID is a technology that is rarely used on its own but is always linked to an automation system or logistics system. A simple connection is always guaranteed through open interfaces. Two essential components are required for the use of RFID:

  • The reader with antenna (RFID reader)
  • The transponder for identification and data storage on the object (RFID transponder)

The permissive combination of these components is defined by standards. Depending on the standard used, the RFID system has different properties in terms of range, transmission speed, data capacity on the transponder and sensitivity to environmental influences. Depending on the area of ​​application, the optimal configuration can be used in compliance with standards ensuring interoperability.

ISW designs and implements RFID applications tailored to your requirements.

The area of ​​application extends from the integration of RFID technology into existing systems to complete logistics systems and automation systems with integrated RFID support.

Importance and application of RFID: specific RFID application examples

Do you still have detailed questions about the importance and application of RFID? Feel free to contact us so that we can go through and discuss specific RFID application examples from a wide variety of sectors and branches of industry (f.i. logistics) with you. The possibilities are versatile. Thanks to the great experience of ISW Industriesoftware GmbH, you too can improve your logistical process control with innovative RFID technology!

Optimize your logistic process control with individual RFID technology!