Industrial Machine Retrofitting: Modernization and Revitalization of Machines and Systems

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Retrofitting in Mechanical Engineering: Productivity-increasing Revitalization of Outdated Systems and Machines

Revitalization of systems and machine modernization, also known as retrofit machine, is the solution for many users to give the machine park a new life.

New purchase or retrofit, i.e. partial refurbishment or complete upgrade - economic efficiency plays the key role in this decision. While the mechanics of the system / machine are often still in very good condition, the electronics often have to be brought up to date.

Retrofit Machine and Revitalization by ISW is Perfect For You

  • Increase in availability
  • Productivity increase
  • Production traceability through integration into an FLS system (e.g. ISWlogistics ©)
  • Secure spare parts supply over a long period of time
  • Current safety technology for personal protection

Retrofit Machine as an Economical Alternative to Buying New

The automation technology and drive technology are no longer state of the art, are possibly prone to failure and the procurement of spare parts is difficult or no longer possible.

Depending on the scope of a retrofit machine measure, a functionality can be achieved that corresponds to the current state of the art. This also applies to safety and monitoring, taking into account the existing guidelines and standards.

When the electrotechnical installation is renewed, worn parts are replaced by modern components and the system is converted in accordance with the current requirements for personal protection. The documentation, in particular the circuit diagrams and circuit parts lists, will be revised as part of the retrofit and, if necessary, renewed.

Cost-efficient revitalization and modernization of retrofit machines and systems