Comfortable PDM system: efficient product data management thanks to ISWanalyser


Effective PDM System: ISWanalyser as a Universal Solution for your Product Data Management

ISWanalyser is a universal data recording tool and analysis tool.

The application records process data at freely selectable intervals or in the event of adjustable events (e.g. change of shift, malfunctions, etc.).

The configurable charts, which can be saved as favorites, enable convenient evaluation of the data.

Smart User / Configuration Interface

Easy Chart Creation

  • Line Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • BDE Chart

Intuitive User Interface

  • Tree structure of the data points
  • Toolbar for specifying the time range
  • Selection of the data points from a clear tree structure

Data Analysis


  • Measurement cursor for precise data analysis
  • Display of the measuring points
  • Compare multiple charts
  • Live data view

Personalize Your Analyzer

Choose Your Style

  • ISW Metro
  • ISW Blue
  • Custom

Create Your Own Favorites

  • Power consumption
  • Compressed air consumption
  • OEE evaluation of machines
  • And much more

Freely Definable Data Point Structure

  • Country
  • City
  • Factory
  • Building

Universal product data management software: ISWanalyser as a professional PDM solution