Efficient MES System with Optimal Connection to your ERP Thanks to ISWlogistics


Professional MES System: Sustainable Optimization and Automation of Your Control and Production System by ISWlogistics

With our integrated logistics system ISWlogistics ©, we offer you the option of automating your entire logistics chain from goods receipt through production and warehousing to delivery.

Regardless of whether you use bulk material silos, stacking stores or chaotic warehousing, ISWlogistics © is prepared for it. An adaptation to your existing storage system is possible at any time.

Basic Functionality of ISWlogistics©

  • Receipt of goods
  • Warehouse management
  • Control of the conveyor technology
  • Production planning
  • Production control
  • Traceability
  • Delivery of goods
  • Connection to existing systems
  • Use of barcode and RFID

MES System for the Traceability of the Material Flow and the Production Processes

The continuous traceability of the material flow and the production processes is a central component of ISWlogistics ©. Thanks to traceability, you can optimize your internal processes and analyze them at any time. Particularly in the food and feed sectors, the legislator, through EU regulation 178/02, requires proof of who the raw materials were obtained from and to whom the finished product was delivered for each product. ISWlogistics © does this job at the push of a button and guarantees the seamless tracing of all product flows within the entire automation.

Manufacturing Execution System that is Directly Adapted to your Needs

ISWlogistics © has a modular structure scalable for every system size. The connection to existing third-party systems for the exchange of information is easily managed through the use of standardized technology. ISWlogistics © has a simple and consistent operating concept, which is precisely adapted to your needs.

We also support the use of barcode and RFID technology in your logistics concept for clear tracking and to facilitate logistics processes. Mobile devices can also be used as flexible operator stations.

Holistic production systems made possible by ISWlogistics: optimal connection of the MES system to your ERP